Latest Trends in Biking Apparel

Cycling Apparel

Do you remember when bikers’ apparel of choice was to sport nothing but lycra spandex shorts and jerseys? Luckily for us, those days are long in the past. Although some riders still love their spandex bike apparel, many have begun to switch toward more conventional-looking bike clothing. The clothing apparel from Club Ride Apparel was some of the first modern bike apparel on the market and customers soon took note of our designs. As the trend setters for the biking […] Read more »

Tips for Mounting a GoPro to Your Mountain Bike


GoPros have been a part of mountain biking and adventure sports for as long as they’ve existed. The small cameras are designed to be light and easy to carry, and they’re made to pick up fast, erratic movement beautifully. It’s no wonder that people started figuring out how to duct tape them in place or make homemade mounting hardware as soon as they could get their hands on one. Fortunately, adventure sports fanatics are a capable lot, and now it’s […] Read more »

Beat the Stress: Choose the Right Bicycle for You

Azzurri Forza

Just so you know it, there are many kinds of bike that you can choose from to start your cycling. There are road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers and many others. But far from judging each type by their name alone, there are actually different characteristics that go well with each one. To help you decide which kind of bike will fit your purpose right away; Read more »

SunSet Over Henley Beach

2013-10-29 19.57.47

Leading up to the Amy’s Ride which will be a 100k ride it was time to do a few training rides so this is one of those rides. My Azzurri Forza Di2 is still going strong and i did meet up with a new pal towards the end of the ride, more about that later…. The plan is to meet up with a small group after work over at Henley Beach and make the run to Outer Harbor and back, […] Read more »

How Cycling Helps You Beat Stress


Stress is one of those words commonly used today by everybody. Not only does everybody use it, everybody has had a taste of it. Unless you’re a caveman who needs a good rush of adrenaline for food hunting and avoiding danger for real, stress seems like of no use to you right? Stress at the right amounts could be helpful. But left alone? Stress can be the reason why you don’t want to move at all even when you have […] Read more »

Core Strength: A Sure Foundation for Cycling Success


As much as we hate to admit it, it is not uncommon for muscle tone to fade a little with age and be replaced with fat, especially around the mid-section. This transition has much less to do with age as it does with our activity level as we age. For cycling enthusiasts, this can pose a bit of a problem. Bicycling requires a certain type of posture of lack thereof that does not mesh with a big belly. In fact, […] Read more »

Things to remember when you’re Cycling Training


So now you consider cycling as a form of great sports and not only that, it helps you keep off the extra weight from your body and allows you to have a stronger, firmer and leaner form. Engaging yourself in cycling training would really be a great way to kick start your goal to get fit faster and better because almost everybody loves and knows how to ride a bike. Besides cycling is environment friendly and it’s a better choice […] Read more »

Top Health Benefits of Cycling Machines and Indoor Cycling


Cycling indoors is very healthy for you. Spending a little bit of time each day cycling in your home will enable you to reap the mental and physical benefits offered through cycling. The great thing about cycling is the fact that it can be fun for anyone. There really is no cutoff age when it comes to cycling. Even today cycling continues to gain immense popularity through man different outlets. Going for a ride on an indoor cycling bike can […] Read more »

Garmin Out Front Bike Mount What Is All The Fuss About

Garmin Extender

I have tracked my riding with a great GPS Cycle Computer,the one i favour is the Garmin 500 and I really love the data that it gives me, however its very hard to keep looking down at the screen say when you want to check your speed or change the display to show the hill gradient. The fix to all this is this fantastic Garmin Out-Front Bike Mount, fits to your bike in no time at all and feel really […] Read more »

Climb To Mount Lofty Via Norton Summit

Ride To Lofty

With only 0.2mm of rain for cast for the day and a temperature high for the day of 20C we were in for a good days riding or as it turned out climbing. We met up with Jono at Burnside, we got ready and had a brief review of the loop that we planned to ride, we had done Norton summit before so no surprises there Andre was keen to include mount lofty in the ride, we were casually assured […] Read more »