Glenelg To Outer Harbor With a Bit of Cyclo-Cross For Good Measure

The weather forecast was 80% chance of rain for today and they were right it was quite heavy in the morning so we decided on a afternoon ride and started the ride of in Glenelg at about 1:30pm. I was a bit on the cool side today and I was keen to give my A200 Skins a test ride on the bike so I pulled them on over my cycling shorts, I must say they performed really well and I remained very comfortable on the whole ride. We were looking forward to this ride as there is a cyclo-cross event on in town, they are always good to watch. Here we all are at the start raring to go.

Cycling Group

We set off at a fast pace up Anzac highway with Colin leading the bunch and maintaining a very respectable 35kmh the traffic was quite busy as today is Anzac day, after that run we turned into Greenhill road with Shav taking the lead out up to when we got to the park lands and there we stopped for about an hour enjoying the racing and also catching up with a few familiar faces, I managed to take these shots of the riders. We came to the same cyclo-cross event this time last year o how things have changed

Once the race had finished (i am not sure who won) we moved on towards linear park and along the track towards the beach, stopping off to admire the construction of the new adelaide oval that stadium is looking very impressive, word is that they hope to have it open for the Ashes Cricket tour of 2014

Adelaide oval-2

Adelaide oval

We got to the Beach and turn right up the esplanade towards Outer Harbor, this is usually a fast pace as we get the nice tail wind pushing us along, today was not so good we had mostly head wind, so we are expecting a nice tailwind for the ride back, We stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the breathtaking views you get from the many look out points along the front, sadly no big ships in the dock to look at today, the sun is starting to make its way down so we had better head off back to Glenelg to where the car is parked the trip back is about 25k’s so we should do that in under the hour, just in time for a well deserved coffee.

Outer Harbor-2

Outer Harbor-shav

Had to make a quick toilet stop on the way back and took the time to fill up on water, there was a lot of people out and about today I took this picture of the Largs Bay Hotel a wonderful piece of architecture i only wish i had my Nikon DSLR to really do it justice

Largs Bay Hotel


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  1. Shav says:

    Great pics mate. Was a great day out.

  2. Andrew says:

    Yeah it was a great ride, next time we will have to include Waterfall Gully Road, and that will make the ride very close to 100k

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